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The Governing Body

The Governing Body is made up of a group of appointed volunteers who each with their own skills and strengths have the common aim of ensuring all children at Neroche Community Primary School receive the best possible education whilst at our school. Governors work closely with the Headteacher and staff, and are involved in making important decisions which affect the strategic direction of the school. The Governing Body delegates the operational, day-to-day running of the school to the Headteacher and senior leaders. There are currently eleven Governors on the Governing Body, although there is capacity for fourteen. We are currently actively seeking to recruit governors with particular skills and interests in personnel (human resources), curriculum and finance. Governors comprise members from different categories.Currently we have :

1 Local Authority Governor
2 Parent Governors
1 Staff Governor
2 Foundation Governors
4 Co-opted Governors

Governing Body Mission Statement

The Governing Body ​fully supports the School Mission statement ​TO LIVE AND LEARN FOR LIFE. In doing so, the Governing Body’s Mission Statement supports the school by stating :

    • ​​​
  • We will work with the school to ensure an effective strategic direction, whilst fulfilling all our statutory obligations.
  • We will help to provide a school where a well-rounded, creative and inspiring education is accessible to all pupils.
  • We will continually develop the school through forward thinking, shared ambition, and a passion to create an amazing place to live and learn for life.


Although designated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2013, the Governing Body has never been complacent, and has always sought to review and improve its practice. To this end, the Governing Body commissioned an External Review of Governance (ERG) in April 2018. The ERG was carried out by an experienced National Leader of Governance. The purpose of the ERG was to support and enhance the way in which Neroche Community Primary School delivers services to children, parents and carers, and how the roles and responsibilities of governance should be fulfilled, addressing key areas for improvement for the Governing Body going forward. Following recommendations from the ERG, the Governing Body was restructured in September 2018. The Governing Body now meets every month, except August, in order for the work load to be managed effectively and efficiently. Currently there are designated Lead Governors for:

Finance (Gary Smith)
Personnel (Tracey Ward)
Communication With Stakeholders (Tim Gibson)
Curriculum (vacant)​
Safeguarding (Dave Tucker)
Premises, Health & Safety (Tom Vaughan)
Data (vacant)
Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (Katie Cooper)
Early Years Foundation Stage (Tracey Ward)
Pupil Premium/Sports Premium (Linda Vijeh)

The Governing Body works to a year planner, which dedicates specific time for Lead Governors to report in depth​ on their areas of responsibilities. For more information on the various roles and responsibilities please see the document below ​’Neroche Community Primary School Role Definitions For Lead Governors’. This is a working document and will be reviewed and amended during the year. Each Governor also signs a Code of Conduct at the beginning of each academic year, and this can also be viewed below.

Governing Body meetings for the academic year 2019-2020 :

16th September​
21st October
25th November
16th December
20th January
24th February
23rd March
27th April
18th May
15th June
13th July

Some committees are established for specific purposes :

  • Headteacher’s Performance Management
  • Admissions
  • Appeals
  • Complaints
  • Disciplinary

When a specific (usually time limited or time critical) project is identified a working party can be formed. This will consist of Governors and representatives of other relevant stakeholders. Terms of reference, based on the purpose of the working party will be drawn up, and progress reported to the Governing Body through the relevant Lead Governor or Chair of the working party.


​Governors also organise specific monitoring activites linked to the School Development Plan or their specific roles and responsibilities. These visits include a variety of activities according to the area being discussed or monitored. They could include : talking to children; talking to parents and carers; talking to staff; talking to subject leaders; undertaking learning walks; looking at children’s work and displays. All Governors are involved in these activities. ​Governors work hard to ensure that through their meetings and visits to school they know the school very well. Knowing the school very well enables Governors to make more informed decisions when moving the school strategically forward.

Formal records of all Governor meetings are taken and filed by our Clerking Professional, Jane Burden,. Once agreed, minutes are then available to view. Should you wish to read any of the Governor minutes, please make a request via the school office.​


​Governors regularly provide parents and carers with updates on their work through termly newsletters. The purpose of these newsletters is to explain the intentions of the Governing Body in making a strategic decision, the implementation of decisions, including mon​itoring value for money and use of resources, and the impact any of their strategic decisions have​ made to outcomes for our children. Feedback indicates that these newsletters are well received. Newsletters for 2018 can be viewed below, and 2019 newsletters will appear at the end of each term. In 2013 Neroche Governors organised events to celebrate the school’s 40th birthday. These events involved past staff and pupils meeting the current school community and sharing memories. The birthday celebration was a great success.

Governors at Neroche Community Primary School wish families a happy association with our school – we look forward to meeting and working with you all !​​