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At Neroche Community Primary School our school aim of living and learning for life underpins our ambitious curriculum for all learners, which contributes towards their knowledge and cultural capital*.

As a school, we believe that both children and adults learn new things every day, building upon and retaining their existing knowledge. We are committed to ensuring that all children, including those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds and those living with identified special needs are equipped for their next stage of their education.

We maintain that learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone, and that it should be fun and memorable. Through delivering coherently planned and sequenced, high quality learning opportunities we endeavour to equip children with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to be able to make informed choices.

The aim of our curriculum is to develop independence, creativity, resilience and team work, and we simply have two expectations of staff and children – to be the best that they can be and to show that they care.

Through high quality teaching, we motivate children, building on their existing skills, knowledge and understanding of the curriculum. We strongly believe that reading underpins every child’s successful educational journey, and we commit to ensuring this has a high priority within our curriculum.

We have high expectations of all our children and staff, and we are committed to ensuring that our school adults have strong subject knowledge to enable them to present subject matter clearly to the children.

We encourage children and staff to be the best that they can be and work to their highest possible standard. We have high aspirations for our children and believe that our ambitious curriculum ensures that they are prepared for their next stage of their education. We constantly evaluate the impact on children’s continued learning journeys, ensuring that we modify and develop our future curriculum implementation.

All staff make a special effort to establish effective professional relationships with children, giving them the confidence to believe in themselves and take learning risks. We treat children with kindness and respect, reinforcing and modelling our school expectations of showing that we care and believe this has a significant impact on children’s potential to learn.

We praise children for their continued efforts, aiming to build on their ambition to be the best that they can be and developing positive attitudes towards being a lifelong learner.

We provide a stimulating environment, which enables and supports our curriculum implementation and helps children to focus on learning. We use display to support and celebrate children’s focused learning. This also evidences and shares the implementation of our curriculum with our wider community.

What curriculum implementation looks like at Neroche:
The school is structured into individual year groups from Preschool (2-4 year olds) to Year 6.

There are curriculum programmes of carefully selected topics for each Science and each Foundation subject, that each class uses as a starting point for learning. Teachers coherently plan well-sequenced learning opportunities for each half term, which enable the children to develop sufficient knowledge and skills for them to build on in future learning. In EYFS and KS1 in particular, each teacher ensures that shared learning opportunities are planned for, to enable collaborative learning within year groups. As a school, we recognise the need to develop key English and Maths skills which are in line with year group National Curriculum requirements. Teachers acknowledge the importance that reading plays across our whole curriculum and give this high priority and consideration when planning.

As a school we believe that parents play a fundamental role in the implementation of our curriculum, reinforcing learning and supporting curriculum impact. We are committed to strong parent partnerships and communicate regularly what the children will be learning throughout the year. This is via the following methods:
• A curriculum overview at the start of each half term, providing parents with a curriculum intent statement explaining what the teachers have planned for the half term.
• A curriculum letter every half term, giving parents further detail of planned learning and parent-child partnership opportunities in school, to reinforce or celebrate learning.
• Parent consultation meetings to provide parents with the opportunity to find out and discuss their child’s progress and find out how they are doing. These opportunities are offered in the Autumn and Spring terms and via a written report in the Summer term.
• Year group specific Curriculum and Learning Offers, explaining: key outcomes for the year; year group routines; and the new skills that the children will need to develop throughout the year to support their ongoing learning journey with us.
• Focused Parent Partnership meetings and workshops that are offered throughout the school year and focus on new initiatives or to reinforce learning opportunities, again giving parents the opportunity to find out about their children’s learning and the curriculum implementation at Neroche.

At Neroche we ensure that the children are taught detailed knowledge and skills, which we reinforce at regular planned opportunities to impact on their retained knowledge. This therefore impacts on each child’s cultural capital*. Through our curriculum, we impact on children’s reading abilities and love of reading by providing regular opportunities for the children to read widely and often. This impacts on their knowledge and skills across the curriculum, along with impacting on children’s reading fluency and comprehension of texts.

To ensure impact on the children’s continued learning, subject leaders monitor their curriculum area, ensuring that progressive skills are built on. This reinforces maximum curriculum impact and retention, preparing the children for the next stage of their learning journey.

Ultimately, we aim for our curriculum to have high impact on the children, enabling them to have high aspirations of themselves as learners and to achieve well, in line with government expectation, continuing to build on our school’s success when compared to national averages.

As a school we use a range of evidence sources to review, monitor and improve our curriculum impact:
• Pupil voice
• Parental voice
• Summative assessments
• Ongoing formative assessments
• External validated assessments
• Subject leader half termly curriculum reviews
• Continuous professional dialogue between staff about our curriculum and retained learning and skills

At Neroche Primary School we believe in living and learning for life by being the best that you can be and showing that you care.

Curriculum Programmes

Please find the curriculum programmes for each year group below.

For specific subject curriculum information, please see the Curriculum Subjects area of our website: https://www.neroche.somerset.sch.uk/curriculum/curriculum-subjects/

For more information on the English National Curriculum for Primary Schools: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-curriculum-in-england-primary-curriculum