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Reading at Neroche

“Wherever I am, if I’ve got a book with me, I have a place to go and be happy.” J.K.Rowling

At Neroche Community Primary School our school aim of living and learning for life underpins our ambitious curriculum for all learners, which contributes towards their knowledge and cultural capital. We want all children to discover a love for reading and books, and to understand the importance reading can play in unlocking wider learning, knowledge and understanding.

The aim of our reading curriculum is to develop individuals who read widely, with both fluency and comprehension, to enable them to approach the next stages of their education as confident readers and learners.


At Neroche we use the phonics scheme Read Write Inc. from preschool onwards. In the preschool, short, regular phonics sessions focus on sound exploration and recognising phonemes. In Reception this becomes more formalised with daily phonics sessions, learning RWI Set 1 and 2 sounds. Year One pupils consolidate their understanding and application of RWI Set 1 and 2 sounds as well as learning RWI Set 3 sounds.

Once pupils are familiar with Sets 1 to 3 they continue to consolidate their understanding of phonemes/graphemes in reading and writing lessons.

For more information about our phonics scheme please read our Reading Strategy or talk to your child’s class teacher.

Accelerated Reader

From Year Two, pupils are able to access Accelerated Reader; an online computer programme to support teachers in monitoring children’s independent reading practice. Children are able to independently choose their own book at an appropriate level. On completion of each book, children can take a short quiz on an iPad or laptop that will give the children, teachers and parents a numerical result to show how much of the text has been understood.

For more information on Accelerated Reader, please see the Parent Guide at the bottom of this page.

Pupils not using Accelerated Reader:

Pupils in preschool are given some sound books to take home, from the summer term onwards.

In Reception and Year One, children take home books appropriate to their phonetic knowledge. These books have been carefully grouped by the teachers in school to ensure they follow the Read Write Inc. phonics scheme. The books given to take home are determined by the class teacher, and choosing home books is a supported activity by the class teacher or TA. The children read each text three times to support word recognition, fluency and confidence.

Our Reading Rewards

Reading Challenges

Each term we hold reading challenges for the whole school to participate in. These challenges range from little activities to fun book-related projects. Each week the children who complete the termly reading challenge receive their badge award during our Friday Celebration Assembly.

Accelerated Reader Rewards

Children can receive bronze, silver and gold star badges once they reach their Accelerated Reader Targets. Once children have earned their gold badge they can work towards becoming a Reading Role Model and support other learners in reading.

The number of words children read is recorded automatically on Accelerated Reader. Each time a child passes a million words read the receive a Millionaire trophy. Our current highest number of words read is a pupil who has read over seven million words!

Reading Rewards in Reception and Year One

For children in Reception and Year One, children can earn rewards for the following:

  • A Bronze star for reading a total of 15 home-school books
  • A silver star for reading a further 25 home-school books
  • A gold star for reading a further 35 home-school books

Five A Day!

At Neroche, we have a healthy diet of reading at least 5 texts a day.

In the EYFS this includes a range of reading materials such as a familiar story, a new text, a traditional tale, a poem or rhyme and a topic-related text.

In KS1 and KS2 this can include individual books, topic texts, Guided Reading texts, news articles and reading for curriculum learning.

At Neroche we recognise that children read continuously in order to access their learning and the school environment.

Class Authors

View the Author Planner to see which authors each class will focus on throughout the year.

BRANCHING OUT – Recommended Reads

See the Branching Out posters below for alternative books your child could read to help expose them to different authors. Click on posters of the authors your children likes and see what other authors have similar books to offer.