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Risk Management - Assessment Report 

Risk Area: COVID-19
Assessment Framework: September 2020 COVID-19: Third Party/Partnership Arrangements
Work Area or Activity: COVID 3rd Party agreements
Competent Person Alison Collins
Groups Affected: children
Notes: This has been reviewed in light of the updated operational guidance for schools, updated on 27th August 2021.
Reviewed due to wider opening on the 8th March 2021 to all children.

This is a review of an assessment carried out on 11/09/2020

This is a review of an assessment carried out on 01/01/2021
It was marked as 'nothing had changed' by Alison Collins on 10/01/2021

This is a review of an assessment carried out on 05/01/2021
It was marked as 'nothing had changed' by Alison Collins on 10/01/2021

This is a review of an assessment carried out on 09/01/2021

This is a review of an assessment carried out on 11/01/2021

This is a review of an assessment carried out on 01/03/2021
Assessed on: 30/08/2021
To be Reviewed on: 03/01/2022
What are the Hazards? What is already being done? Is this considered
Have you reviewed and updated any partnership agreements or arrangements, where relevant, to ensure that the building is Covid secure? Existing 3rd party agreements will continue.
Use of the Learning Zone will be considered from September 2021 when available as a better environment for the children than the foyer.

Children can be walked through classrooms from September 2021.
How have you engaged with third party managers, contacts or body leads to ensure that locations or buildings used by external groups or organisations are aware of new Covid-19 procedures? 3rd party arrangements continue to use the main school during normal school opening and after school up until 4.30pm.

COVID guidance will continue to be referred to in decision making.
Do you ensure that other critical arrangements for the third party venue are not overlooked e.g. fire exit and evacuation procedures, first aid provision, hand washing and toileting facilities, cleaning and hygiene of objects, furniture and materials? Class adults to encourage children to sanitise hands on return back to the classroom after engaging in sport activities.

Any contractors on site encouraged to sanitise hands.
Do you ensure that key professionals (e.g. social workers) are allowed on site, following Covid-19 guidance to ensure the safety and welfare of the child or young person under their care? Yes visitors connected to the needs of individual children are allowed on site but are expected to sign in.

All visitors are encouraged to use hand sanitiser. Masks are not needed.
Where someone displays symptoms and requires support to and inside the isolation room, do you ensure that the staff member that provides support has all required PPE if close contact is required or a 2-metre distance cannot be maintained? (PPE in this instance includes fluid resistant masks - type IIR) disposable gloves, disposable plastic apron, eye protection)? If a child develops COVID symptoms on site then they will be sent home in line with normal illness procedures at school.

The Headteachers office will be used as a holding space while the child waits to be collected. Windows wide open for ventilation.
Have you identified an isolation room where doors can be closed and windows opened to aid ventilation? Yes this is the Headteacher's office. Yes
Do you ensure a deep clean of the isolation site and any other areas is organised once someone with suspected Covid-19 has left the premises? This would be done if this space had been used as an isolation space. The Headteacher's office.
COVID room sanitiser bombs are used.
Has the school or third party body followed the test and trace process where someone is suspected or is confirmed to have Covid-19: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/testing-for-coronavirus/ Public Health England has now taken over all track and trace responsibilities.
As a school we no longer need to gather this information.
This changed on the 18th July 2021.
Where a suspected case arises, or someone tests positive, have you contacted the Health Protection Agency for further advice (0300 303 8162 (option1 then option 1) Yes this would happen if a member of the school community tested positive. Yes
Do you ensure that anyone from the school community that tests positive (in at least the last 10 days) does not attend school and self-isolates for 10 days from the day they developed symptoms? Yes this would be the expectation.

However, key changes are now in place for close contacts.
Close contacts of anyone who is positive are advised to take a PCR test but DO NOT HAVE TO SELF ISOLATE unless they test positive themselves.

PCR tests are now turned around within 24 hours generally so limited staff and pupil absence.

Pupils under 18 years and 6 months no longer need to self isolate - classes will remain open.

Staff/adults who are double vaccinated (majority if not all of the Neroche staff) do not need to self isolate - this will positively impact on staffing.
Alison Collins Signed ........................................... Dated ............................
Co-ordinator Signed ........................................... Dated ............................
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